We serve the Chicagoland/Suburban area and would be happy to attend your event.

You can always count on our artists to be reliable, professional, and perform high quality art work.

We use only professional grade face paints Brands used are listed below:

        • Paradise
        • Global

        • Wolfe

        • Snazaroo

    They are all FDA approved and as safe as make-up. We use a variety of brushes and/or sponges to apply the paint and often embellish with cosmetic grade glitter. All products wash off easily with soap and water.

    If washing near the eyes, it is best to use a tear-less shampoo and a warm wash cloth to avoid eye irritation. Baby wipes may also be used but may irritate sensitive skin. Certain colors such as black and green may leave a slight hint of color after washing, especially on dry skin. If this happens, apply a layer of moisturizer for 10 minutes and wipe off. Paint stains on clothing should be pre-treated with a stain remover and then washed in cold water. Paint on clothing should be easy to remove.

    Precautions: We will not paint the face of a sick child but would be happy to paint an arm or a leg. We do not recommend that a child younger than 2 be face painted secondary to increased frequency of allergic reactions to any substance.

    Reserve your date ASAP. Our artists are in high demand. Therefore, we encourage you to reserve your event date and time as soon as possible.

    Insurance: We are insured by Wells Fargo Insurance and would be happy to send you a copy of the policy.

    Since each event is unique, please contact us to accurately calculate the appropriate number of hours you may need for your event. The average time frame is approximately 15-20 faces per hour for requests that require specific detail.

    Phone: 773.505.1496
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